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NIST Announces the Release of Draft Special Publication 800-16 Revision 1

> NIST announces the release of the Initial Public Draft (IPD) of
> Special Publication 800-16, Revision 1, Information Security
> Training Requirements: A Role- and Performance-Based Model. This
> publication is now available for public comment.
> The comprehensive training methodology provided in this publication
> is intended to be used by federal information security professionals
> and instructional design specialists to design (1) role-based
> training courses or modules for personnel who have been identified
> as having significant responsibilities for information security, and
> (2) a basics and literacy course for all users of information systems.
> We encourage readers to pay special attention to the Notes to
> Reviewers section, as we are looking for feedback on the many
> changes we have made to this document.
> Comments will be accepted until June 26, 2009. Comments should be
> forwarded via email to
> URL to Draft SP 800-16 Rev. 1:
> Quick update - in the email sent to list on March 3, the NIST IR
> 7536 2008 Computer Security Division Annual Report was released. We
> have updated the PDF file for this document. We now have a final
> layout version available which includes charts, graphics, etc. The
> text inside this report did not change. For those interested in
> viewing the final printed version can find the updated PDF file here:
> It is a PDF file and depending on your Internet speed, it may take a
> couple extra seconds to load - PDF file is about 3.9 MB.

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